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Make sure that both you and your child is legally protected moving forward during this emotional time. Serving expectant mothers throughout Hawaii for many years, our adoption lawyers can guide you through impending adoptions and reach an arrangement that meets your needs.

Our caring and devoted adoption lawyers at will work tirelessly to put your child in the best of homes with loving, devoted parents. If you’ve been considering giving up your child for adoption, the Law Office of Laurie A. Loomis is here to help.

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It is all too natural for you want to provide the best life for your unborn child and protect him or her as much as possible — we wouldn’t expect anything less of an expectant mother. Let the Law Office of Laurie A. Loomis help you find the right adoptive family.

Different families have different needs

Ensure that your child ends up in great hands

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At the Law Office of Laurie A. Loomis, our experienced attorneys understand that every adoption and adoption plan is different. We pledge to give your case the special attention it deserves. Give us a call today and learn more about the adoption process and the support you'll receive.

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